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Apartment Sunrise A3

2+2 persons


Apartment Sunrise B3

2+2 persons


Apartment Banovci 1

4 persons


Apartment Sunrise C4

2+2 persons



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– 20%


Visit Banovci Thermal Spa

Complete relaxation is guaranteed.

Apart from accommodation in Sunrise Banovci apartments, we offer you a 20% discount on the Banovci thermal spa.

How far is the city?
Sunrise Banovci Apartments are located in the immediate vicinity of the city centre.
Do we need a car to visit the Banovci thermal spa?
Due to the proximity of the Banovci thermal spa, you will be able to take the car safely in front of your apartment and walk to the thermal spa. The route will take you about 5 minutes.
Do we get the 20% Banovci Spa discount with you?
Every guest of the Sunrise Banovci Apartments gets a coupon for a 20% discount when buying tickets to the Banovci baths. If the guests are 5, for example, each will receive a discount voucher.
Is your visit suitable for younger children?
The environment is also excellent for infants and young children. Climate, and in particular the area that offers peace and security – even in activities and outdoor gaming, there are conditions that make Banovci a great place to spend time with children.


/7 days



Package for those who want a longer downtime.

Is your visit suitable for a family with three or more children?
Yes, the most spacious apartment has enough room for 5 people.
Is there a parking space?
Every tenant gets a parking space. The parking space is behind the fence in front of the apartment.
Can I walk to the restaurant?
Of course, the restaurant is approximately 5 minutes away by foot. There are also other restaurants.

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