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Cycling routes

  • E-bike rental17 € / day

    The price is valid for rent for 3 days or more
  • E-bike rental20 € / day

    The price is valid if you rent two bikes
  • E-bike rental30 € / day

    The price is valid for renting only one bike

Cycling routes

Wine bike trail

Description of the wine cycling route:

The trail is about 50 km long. You will see along the way Gajševsko Lake in ponds Podgradje. You will stop in for lunch or a wine tasting Jerusalem Castle and wine cellar Puklavec. On the way through Nunsko Grabo you will enjoy the beautiful views among the vineyards. V beekeeping Crucibles you will try honey and honey liqueurs and see the apiary with its surroundings. Pri Grandma's mill on the Mura River you will see the only working mill with which they produce flour.

Culinary bike trail

Description of the culinary cycling route:

The trail is divided into two parts (Prekmurje and Prlekija) and is less than 100 km long. On the Prekmurje side, you will visit the Island of Love, the Tropical Garden, the Passero estate and the Soboško Lake Expano. On the Prlekija side, you will visit and taste Kos Wines and enjoy the beautiful views of the Jerusalem Wine Road.

Prekmurje cycling route

Description of the Prekmurje cycling route:

The bike path is less than 60 km long. You will visit it right next to the Mura River Island of Love in ship on the Mura Melinci. In Renkovci you will see the production of Prekmurje tomato Lush and stopped for lunch at an inn with a wine fountain at Louise's. On the way home, however, you will stop at Sobota Lake

Radenci - Gornja Radgona cycling route

Description of the cycling route Radenci - Gornja Radgona:

The trail is 45 km long. The trail will take you to wine fountain Chapel, where a beautiful view extends all the way to Austria. You will taste different wines from local producers. V home of Radgonska gorica sparkling wine have prepared five different tasting menus that allow you to compare selected sparkling wines and thus better understand the differences between them or. their peculiarities.

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