Banovci 24c, 9241 Veržej
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Explore Pomurje

Sights not to be missed

  1. Grandmother's mill on the Mura, Veržej
  2. Island of Love, Ižakovci
  3. Expano Pavilion, Murska Sobota
  4. Lookout tower Vinarium, Lendava
  5. Adrenaline park, Bukovnik Lake
  6. Wine Road, Jerusalem
  7. Castle in Goričko
  8. Vulkanija Adventure Park, Grad
  9. Tropical Garden, Dobrovnik
  10. Plečnik Church, Bogojina
  11. Lookout tower, Sotina
  12. Beekeeping Museum, Krapje
  13. Pottery Museum, Filovci

What to do?

You will definitely not be bored in Pomurje. A lot of sports and culinary experiences await you. A visit to Pomurje is suitable for all generations who want a varied holiday. Cycling, canoeing, fishing, down the Mura River, golf, tennis, horseback riding, football, basketball, beach volleyball, all this and more you will experience in Pomurje.

You will find home-made delicacies such as Prekmurje gibanica, dödoli, bograč, langaš, .. in inns; Gostilna Rajh, Gostilna Zeleni Gaj, Taverna Bought,…

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