What is there to do?


Excellent local destinations that should not be overlook.

What is there to do?

You’re not going to get bored with us! You can choose from a variety of natural attractions, excellent restaurants and visit the well-known Banovci baths with our discounts!

Banovci spa

In the colourful environment between the fields , in the pleasant and relaxed world of the Prekmurska region lies the Banovci Spa, a place that is further enriched by a genuine relationship with people and harmony with nature. The Banovci Spa is located just 4 minutes from the Banovci apartments.
They are renowned for traditional animation programmes aimed especially at families with children: Banovski pirates, Pirate Edi, Banovian witches, Banovski Knights, and some more can be found be found when you and your family come to find them. People say that what is most charming is, that you will be able to transform into a character yourself– no matter your age!
The Banovci Thermal spa is perfect for family holidays, and it is also well catered for the comfortable stay for the elderly, providing you with good well-being, peace and relaxation.

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The island of Love

The island of Love in the Ižakovci presents a wonderful bike or car trip. It is only a few kilometres away (approx. 5 km) from the Banovci apartments.
The island is surrounded by a river sleeve and is known for its active floating mill on river Mura, which is a point on the road towards renewable energy, a shipper that runs across the river, the Büjraško Museum, a culinary and ethno offer, and the immense beauties of nature.
The island of Love offers: a view of the mill with the possibility of purchasing different types of flour, tour of the Büjraško Museum, ride through the river Mura, the possibility of buying souvenirs and delicious delicacies from Prekmurje cuisine.

Wine road

A fairytale path between the vineyard covered hills, the soft wavy landscape remains breathtaking even for the most experienced travelers. JERUSALEM- wine and wine vines marked the region since time imemorial, and ever since has the tradition been enriched and maintained. The landscape is full of wonderful views in all seasons.
In this piece of the world, nature was very generous and took care for everything good and beautiful. The landscape, abundant with beautiful and magical views, living springs, sunshine and warmth in the summer, that in the autumn arranges for thousands of colors and quiet and mysterious in winter.
On the way you can visit excellent pubs, taverns, and vineyard cottagess, amongst which the most renown is the 400 year old Vineyard Cottage Malek, in which you will be able to discover the rich offer of the wines of Jerusalem Goric mountains.

Babič Mill on river Mura

Just in our surroundings, the only Pannonian floating mill in Slovenia was preserved – Grandmother’s mill on the river Mura. It is a good kilometre away from us, so it can be reached on foot or by bike.
Floating mills are generally more characteristic of the plane’s landscapes, where the inhabitants were engaged in the cultivation of cereals and wheat. Built entirely from wood it has defied all of the influences of nature to this day.
Today’s Mill offers you white, rye, bread, bucko and corn flour, buckwheat and prohay porridge and other products from Mele.
Once you visit him, you can feel the touch of the forest, where Mura is with its dead, and the visitor seems to have stopped when listening to the noise of the river that drives the mill wheel.

Doors into Pomurje – Expano

A region worth discovering and returning to.
The Expano Pavilion is designed as a small Pomurje in Mali with a presentation of the region, our tourist offers, business opportunities and key sights.
We open our doors to the region here, as we want to impress you with our traditions, natural delights, the beauty of the landscape and the peace of the country life at river Mura.
To explore the Pomurje region and further: by visiting tourist farms, thermal baths, discovering wine-growing hills, the Pannonian beauty of our cities and villages, and to enjoy our wines and delicacies.
Therefore, Expano is the promoter and generator of the Pomurje tourism. We are close to the Pomurje and we develope new content together.
Today and tomorrow, Pomurje offers inspiring, unforgettable and unique experiences.

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Vinarium – Lookout Tower

When could you last see the landscapes of as many as 4 countries at once? The lookout tower Vinarium Lendava, 53.5 m tall, offers you a splendid 360 ° view of the colourful landscape, ranging from the Lendava Mountains, where the tower is proudly positioned, all the way to the Mura river basin, and captures a breathtaking view of the plains and hills of Slovenia, Hungary , Croatia and Austria.
You can climb up the top of the tower with a lift or climb 240 steps and experience the ascent to the most beautiful vantage point far around in the most genuine way.
After you enjoyed the beautiful view, make beautiful photos and take a breathtaking “selfie” more than 50 m above the Earth. Thereafter you are invited to the ground floor to scented homemade culinary delights and tasting of top local wines and juices.

Grad – Castle of Goričko

The largest Baroque castle in Slovenia was built by Templar Knights in the 11th century. It has been further built in 16th and 17th century. It has reached current form with a renovation in the 18th and 19th century. The castle building is surrounded by a large park, which was designed in an English style. Large trees of tulip, platinum, Glea, Red Beech, leccinum and oak are moisturating with magnificence and more than a hundred years of longevity. In the castle yard there are said to be energies coming from the depths of the Earth, that most people feel as either heat or tingling. With the castle being linked to some legends, the most famous is the Legend of the Dragon with the Golden Crown.